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TSK👑 I’ve been in this discord going on almost 2 years and a vip seller for 1 year. I wouldn’t want to plug any other group of people. For people that’s just starting keep going and forever network ! It’s overwhelming how far you can get by talking . Major s/o to @MohammadC for plugging me into the loop. I went from 4K to nearly 15K in one day. If y’all haven’t yet don’t miss out on opportunity especially if your dedicated to reselling


Member since 2021

Wanted to give thanks to @MohammadC and everyone else in the group here. I may not be the most vocal member by any means but this group has def helped me improve my quality of life w/everything I’ve learned over the past 1.5 yrs. I’m able to make almost 75% of what I make in current main job/yr (LVT) and have almost 90 pairs in my personal collection now! Very much appreciated!


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What is Sneaker Knockerz?

Sneaker Knockerz is the CHEAPEST, FASTEST, and the BEST when it comes to early pairs, fees, and monitors! See why we have so many VIP members!

Well how can I make money?

Take advantage of our many different features like our monitors, botting class, member marketplace and our famous VIP Member deals for unreleased and under retail prices to build your name.

Do I need experience to join?

NO! Even if you're brand new to the sneaker game! Our family here at Sneaker Knockerz will guide you to help you start making money with shoes or even if you just want to show off!

What is botting?

Botting is the technology of automation and checking out a product on a website! Worried about getting a specific item? Our Add To Cart (ATC) team.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! If you discover that this isn't what you were looking for, our user dashboard (controlled by YOU) has the features to cancel your subscription. *If you signed up on version 1 of our website please email support@sneakerknockerz.net and our customer support team will take care of you*

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We currently support every country you can think of! Worldwide support!