Secure. Every. Drop.

Sneaker Knockerz provides the top services and tools to help members secure every release.
Created With The BEST Features
Advanced Channels

Make it simple to find important release information.


Easily secure release from any device from anywhere and at anytime.


We monitor 500+ sites enabling you to catch restock or initial drop instantly. Name a website, we've got it. Worldwide support!

Support From Staff

Our staff & members are the most knowledgable in the INDUSTRY when it comes to sneakers and hyped releases. Ask us ANYTHING.

User Dashboard

We offer dedicated user dashboard to control payment methods, and ATC autofill information.

Early Pairs

We Strive to stay #1 in the early pair community. Our members will have exclusive access to our private VIP store so they can secure their pairs!

Advanced Tools
100% Uptime
Legit Checkers
Slot/Cart Providers
Price Checkers
Sell your items
Join The Family.
  • Support and Updates
  • Monthly Fees

$50 /Month

  • What is Sneaker Knockerz?

    Sneaker Knockerz is the CHEAPEST, BEST, and FASTEST when it comes to early pairs, fees, and monitors! See why we have so many VIP members!

  • What is Discord?

    Our community is ran on a website/app called Discord! It's super easy and straightforward! Don't feel pressured by this site at all. ANY questions? Reach out to our staff!

  • What is your refund policy?

    We do not offer any refunds on membership fees! If you pay for a month, you will not get a refund. To reach out about this further please contact

  • Why is it asking me to login to Discord to buy the membership?

    The way our state-of-art dashboard and membership control works, all you have to do it login first so that your username is stored with your subscription!

  • What do the monitors support?

    Our Monitors run on over 300 sites! Such as: Supreme, Off-White, Kith, Undeafeated, Palace, Yeezy Supply, SNKRS, and so many more!

  • Why should I join?

    Aren't convinced yet?! Our monitors feature a VIP MEMBER ONLY autofill capability availiable to all subscribed members! See why we're successful!

  • How much is it to join?

    Currently it costs $49.99/Month and this includes access to the VIP Discord, the monitors, auto-fill, chances to buy early pairs very under market, and so much more!

  • What countries do you support?

    We currently support every country you can think of! Worldwide support !

  • Do I need experience to join?

    NO! Even if you're brand new to the sneaker game! Our family here at Sneaker Knockerz will guide you to help you start making money with shoes or even if you just want to show off!

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes! If you discover that this isn't what you were looking for, our user dashboard (controlled by YOU) has the features to cancel your subscription.

    *If you signed up on version 1 of our website please email and our customer support team will take care of you*

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